Clinical Viewer 2.0

The provider web portal where you can access acute, ambulatory, and affiliated community clinical data. There are over 4,900 California, Texas and Alaska providers, laboratories and other ancillary partners’ results available through the SJH Health Information Exchange (HIE) ShareVue portal.

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St. Joseph Health System Clinical Viewer Terms of Use:

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• This is a secure, web-based system to be used for the purpose of exchanging health information among hospitals and health care providers. All such access is subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, the implementation regulations thereunder, and other relevant federal and state laws.

• The information contained within and accessible through the Clinical Viewer is confidential and may contain sensitive patient information. All access to such information is recorded by SJHS and subject to audit. Unauthorized access is prohibited. Sharing of user names and passwords is also prohibited.

• It is understood that the receipt and review of information accessed through the Clinical Viewer should not be used as a substitute for independent examination, diagnosis, and treatment of the patient. St. Joseph Health System will not be responsible in whole or in part for any judgments or decisions made based on information obtained from the system.

• My use and access to the Clinical Viewer are subject to and I will be bound to the Clinical Viewer Terms of Use and the HIE Policies and Procedures, last updated 04/27/2021, which can be accessed here and here. SJHS may, at any time, enhance and/or make changes to the Terms of Use, and my continued use of the Clinical Viewer following my receipt of notice of such changes will constitute my acceptance and agreement to such changes.

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